It Can Elevate You To Success Or Draw You Deep To Failure!

Have you set great goals that you feel were well-organized, ideal and realistic; but you usually stagger to bring it to completion? And then you wonder what went wrong when you eagerly wrote your plans, was enthusiastic about it and really believed that you can achieve it. 

The sad part is, many of us comes short when achieving our goals, we start with so much fire only to end up feeling exhausted or frustrated within a couple of days, weeks or a few months. We've become easily distracted and change plans too quickly without really thinking. We lose focus. Then we ultimately give up and quit.

And so we ask ourselves, what happened? What seems to be the problem? Why do we give up and accept failure too soon?

Now, to help us know ourselves better there's three reasons we should try to consider: our perspective in life, our habits, and our priorities.

In this post I'll be focusing more about the first reason - our perspective in life. 

We need to know how we view the world; how we think of ourselves, what are our constant thoughts - is it good or bad? Our perspective, how we process our thoughts, does not change overnight; instead throughout the years it is being developed and conditioned. That's why it is imperative to be careful and intentional on what we feed our minds. 

We should choose which activities will benefit us: the books we read, the movies we watch, what we listen to, and the people we associate with. All of these affects our perspective because the mind is a very powerful tool. Our thoughts eventually shape who we are and what we become. 

To effectively simplify our lives and achieve our goals, we must first change our thinking by putting the right things into our minds. Dr Norman Vincent Peale said that to change our thoughts we change our world. In achieving our goals, we will need to do more than make changes in our behavior; we need to change our thinking. 

Our thoughts have a great deal to do with success in any goal we set in life. The best way to control our thoughts is to control what we put into our minds. When we feed our thoughts the positive food it needs, we will be able to better define our real desires, clarify what course of action we need to take, and motivate ourselves to push past obstacles and stick to our efforts until our goal becomes a reality. 

Our mind is a gift from God; we have to make sure our minds are working for us as we seek a simple life. The clearer our minds, the better we will be able to accomplish our goals.


Below are simple steps you can take in order to help you change your thoughts for the better.
  • Commit to rid yourself of useless activities that only leads to mental pollution. Often, you're so busy you don't even realize you're not even being productive at all! Activity does not equal productivity as what Stephen Covey often say. You need to ask your self what benefit will you get from doing such activity. Is it necessary, and will it be a good use of your time? If not, then stop it.
  • Figure out what your worries and fears are, then put it in God's hands and leave it there. Some folks will say it's human nature to think too much and over analyze things. This is a big lie, we're not born to worry and we can definitely alter our thought patterns, so resist worrying and over-analyzing! Did you know that your fears and worries just gets bigger every time you think about it? And what's worst is that it's keeping you paralyzed! Psychologists call it "analysis-paralysis"! Why don't you capture each thought about worries and fears and then do something about it. 
  • Refresh your mind by choosing positive, uplifting entertainment. I think this is pretty self-explanatory, try reading a good book that will help you feel motivated in achieving your goals, listen to a motivational podcast, or do some fun activities.
  • Build healthy relationships. Go see people who inspires and uplift you! If you keep surrounding yourself with people that motivates you and believes in you, you'll likely to feel motivated too. Attitudes are contagious.
Start today by writing down your thoughts, I really believe that it'll help you know better and scrutinize what you're thinking about.

Finally, after reflecting ask yourself what you need to do now to change the thoughts that aren't good for you. It is very crucial to success that you know what you think of yourself and how you view the world.


You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.
-James Allen

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things.
-Philippians 4:8

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