The Scenic Views of Tagaytay

Whenever I travel to some place in Southern Luzon, it's rare that I don't feel a rush of excitement as I pass by the city of Tagaytay. Since it's the usual (and used to be the only route to take) to go to some part of CALABARZON; this busy road of Nasugbu Highway also serves as a moving viewing deck for passengers aboard a private or public vehicle. 

At high noon or dusk; expect a heavy to moderate amount of traffic on the road any day of week, however once you passed by Tagaytay's Crossing it'll eventually become light and you'll then be greeted with moving exhibition of nature's wonders. Though it is becoming densely populated and commercialized, taking a few minutes or more is enough for any traveler (at heart) to marvel about this place.

The caldera lake of Taal volcano, cool climate, appetizing foods, interesting landscapes that covets captivating flowers and variety of vegetable plantations, and a whole lot more reasons why Tagaytay is the perfect getaway. 

Depending on the traffic, it's just approximately 2 hours drive from Manila. For budget travel, one can either take a bus or a van with a fare as low as 150 pesos. Cubao terminals offers several bus lines like San Agustin, Golden Dragon, Erjohn and Almark that have buses which leave every 30 minutes. The bus destination is Nasugbu via Tagaytay, you can either disembark at Olivares market or Magallanes Avenue (depends on what attraction you’d like to see first).

The scenic view of Taal volcano and the lake formed due to its eruption were the top reasons why this city has been popular to travelers and researchers around the world. Tagaytay is coined as the "Baguio of the South" due to its subtropical-like climate which resembles the city of Baguio. The tourists and locales enjoy the low temperature and humidity all year round. 

Tagaytay completely caters the party-goers, laid-back travelers, adventurists, and the foodies. This place is also ideal for families, just take for example the Picnic Grove which offers cottages that have an overlooking view of Taal volcano and its lake, it has restaurants that serves a variety of Filipino dishes too. 

For the extremist, the place also has zip line adventures and other fun activities. One can also hike the famous Mt. Maculot which is just a couple minutes ride from Tagaytay. And just like Baguio, horse-back riding is also popular here.

Another must-visit attraction is the People’s Park in the Sky. Here you’ll see a full view of the city and a bird's-eye view of Cavite and Batangas. The PAGASA Doppler Radar Station is also located here, as well as a big statue of Jesus, a small church and souvenir shops, and a mini Roman inspired theater. Similar again to Baguio's Mines View, one can also take a challenging walk from the entrance gate up to the main site.

The Mahogany market is on the list of my favorite spot to visit in Tagaytay. They serve (in my opinion) the best Bulalo and a variety of sea-foods meal at a very reasonable price! The merchants claim they have the best Bulalo because the recipe originated from them. True or not, the foodies can attest the satisfaction you’ll get from this meal. Plus it is way much cheaper than any restaurants I've been to, compare to the quantity and quality of the serving, this one costs only Php 280 which can be shared by 3-4 persons.

Other tour spots here are Paradizoo, Tagaytay Highlands, Orchard Golf Club, Olivares market and the new and promising Sky Fun Park. You can also do a day-trek to Taal volcano's crater. Package tours were being offered and costs around Php 1500-1900.

Tagaytay really is a place to go to if you want to unwind, enjoy the beauty of nature or just escape the busyness of the metro even just for a couple of hours. 

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