The Coconut Wonder: Find Out What It Can Do To Your Body!

I wasn't a fan of coconut fruit when I was young, I don't know why - it just didn't caught my attention. Just recently though, when I decided to eat healthy and stay fit, I took it into consideration. My sister would always try to buy one whenever she go to the market, so it wasn't really a challenge having it in the table. Plus, living in a tropical country, coconuts have always been a usual sight in the market. In fact, whatever the season is, you'll be sure to find one in the fresh produce section. 

As I mentioned, I didn't have much interest consuming it. Maybe it's because when my mother was still living, we we're more exposed eating avocados, mangoes, and citrus fruits - her favorites. Drinking its juice was something I never thought I'd enjoy so much. But now I think its refreshing and my body feels light whenever I drink it. 

I usually hear people say that it's very healthy and it can cure UTI, thus, it wasn't a surprise when some researchers claim that it's on the list of "super fruits". Just so you know, here are it's health benefits:

Coconut Water/Juice

-Beats dehydration
-Excellently replace lost electrolytes compare to most sports drinks
-It has more potassium than banana
-Reduces swelling
-Stress reduction
-Heals and prevent UTI
-Cleanses and aids kidney function
-Dissolves kidney stones
-Protects against cancer
-Helps balance blood sugar
-Helps relieve constipation
-Helps improves digestion
-Naturally low in calories and fat
-Reduce risk of heart disease
-Improves blood circulation, lowers high blood pressure 
-Improves blood cholesterol level
-Has anti-aging properties ((I know ladies would love this)

Coconut OIL
-Contains fatty acids that are good for our body 
-Has anti-microbial properties that protects us from bacteria and viruses
-Great overall moisturizer
-Extremely nourishing
-Has anti oxidants
-Helps prevent skin from exposure to free radicals
-Treats and prevents thyroid diseases
-Promotes weight loss
-Prevent premature aging of the skin
-Improves digestion

So there you go! Buy that big green ball-like fruit and reap it's healthy benefits! :)

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