5 Reasons Why Solo Traveling is Good For You


Most people think it's strange to travel alone to an unfamiliar place, some will laugh at the idea and will say it's only for people who do not have family and friends. Others will completely shun the thought because they see it as no fun, dangerous, or expensive.

People think you're a weirdo and I know full well the feeling when friends, families, and colleagues look at you intently and say "are you serious?".

But for me, solo traveling is reserve to those courageous souls who not only wish to experience the beauty of nature but also wants to better understand themselves through their journey. I believe spending time alone in an unfamiliar place is essential for the mind, body and soul. 

I enjoy traveling alone as well as having companions; both allows me access to different experiences and life lessons. 

However, I believe at some point in our lives we should try to travel solo. I've listed five reasons below why everyone should try doing it.

It tests our courage and help us overcome some of our fears.

In traveling alone, we develop the confidence that we can do a lot of things we thought we can't. There's great joy when we're able to arrive at our destination safe and sound. It may not be easy but the adventure is worthy enough to charge it to experience as we learn and discover new things.

It also test our courage to face our fears! What can be more liberating than overcoming our fears?

It allows us to reflect on what's important in life.

Being close to nature and away from the busyness of the metro helps us reflect about our relationships, our life's purpose, and our dreams. 

Most of the time we worry and complain about so many things; about the people around us, of not getting the lifestyle we wanted, of others living our dreams. Going in a place outside our comfort zone - we begin to realize that there are still so many reasons to be grateful for, that life can be beautiful if we choose to.

In spending our time alone; it silence our busy mind and sometimes our dependencies confront us too. We can be dependent to those that we can't stand without; like for some it's technology, or work, or it may be an unhealthy relationships that we can't seem to let go.
Clearing our mind help us to think thoroughly by allowing us to weight what's important; what is beneficial and what's not.

It strengthens our faith.

Being alone can be scary if we're not used to it. Traveling solo gives us opportunity to trust God more; that He will help us meet good strangers along the way, help us stay in the right direction, and provide us with the things we will need so we can reach our destination.

It may sound funny, but it is the truth; every time there's a lot of uncertainty around us we tend to pray a lot - and that's a good thing! Being alone with only our wit and God's grace guiding us provide us plenty of time to really communicate with God, to be honest with him and tell him every thought, worry and joy that we're experiencing.

Traveling alone give us the benefit of enjoying the majestic beauty of nature and at the same time spend precious moments with the Creator of all things.

Less hassle and unhurried communion with nature.

Of course it is fun being with our family and friends, but most of the time, large groups can defeat the purpose of traveling- which is to explore. Why? Because what usually happen is we're waiting for everyone to get ready so we can do our planned activities. Some don't like the heat, others are afraid of reptiles and insects, and the rest have allergies.

Even hiring a tour guide or a travel agent can lessen the fun; because they are time restricted - they make sure the itinerary is followed. We end up in a hurry, take some photos then leave. If we really want to get to know the place and really discover it's beauty, spend time more than 30 minutes! 

It is less expensive contrary to what others think.

When we travel in groups we usually have to take into consideration what the majority wants. But sometimes there's no majority; others are allergic to sea foods, or they don't eat pork, some are vegetarians, so we end up buying different menus to suit the preferences of everyone.

When choosing our accommodation, some will say they can't sleep without an AC, or would like to have a good view in the window, it seems like everyone wants to get the "perfect room". In traveling alone, we have the liberty to choose which of which will suit our needs and is subject to our means. 

So why not try traveling solo? There are more reasons and benefits than what I can list here; and it will always depend on your experience. But before you go to the place you've always wanted to visit, a simple advice from me -- make sure to do some research about your destination; where to go, where to stay, how to get there, what to buy and for what price. Always prepare before traveling, these will help you have a smooth trip.

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