From Corporate Work to Nomadic Freelancing and Blogging

When I decided to quit my work in a financial company, I was determined and have resolved to myself to take another path. I wanted to pursue my dreams, to write, explore, and experience life. I don't want to regret later in life about the things I wish I did, or the dreams I could have turned into reality. I knew my decision to quit my then job was risky not just as others see it - but I myself, knew that it wouldn't be an easy path. Leaving behind the convenience, security of a stable job and income was scary; though I have to do it - I needed to make that decision.

I am not inferior to anyone when it comes to working in the corporate world. I can be good, very good in almost anything I do. I am not boasting but for the sake of honesty I am writing this (and of course I wasn't able to be excellent without the help of God - guiding me and giving me wisdom) with clear conscience I dare to write this. Anyone can be good at something, work hard with pure dedication and achieve good results. 

But if you're working for a long time on something you can't really say you love; hard work and dedication will not be enough to hold you into staying in your job - happy and content. Soon your fuel will run out to the point that you are merely working just to earn money - and it's a sad thing. If it's the only reason you're staying in your job, work can become dull and frustrating. You may wake up each day dragging yourself to go to work and feel aggravated and ungrateful. Weekends (or rest days) become your only escape.

It's been two years since I resigned from the corporate world; I'm now a full time blogger, a freelancer, and an entrepreneur. It wasn't easy at the beginning - I got a lot of discouragement from people I know, there were times when I feel like giving up and asked myself if it's worth it. But I'm glad I didn't give up. Now I get to enjoy managing my time - deciding where and how to spend it. I love what I'm doing, and every day I'm taking steps to make my dreams come true. I can't say I have achieved it all but I know I'm close to it - so I keep on dreaming and aiming.

I am writing this not just as a testimony of faith in God and in pursuing dreams, but I am also writing this in the hope to inspire and encourage you. Today I ask God that you, my reader, will be set free from your fears that holds you back and chains that keeps you from reaching your full potential. Don't give up on your dreams, never stop pursuing it. Believe in yourself just as God believes in you. I'm sharing you the prayer below that helped me a lot, I pray that it will help you and bless you too!

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