Food for Life Spells - Au Naturel! Know What Works for You and Critic What You Eat


Food Au Naturel

Natural is always the best. This is especially true when choosing a food to eat - either slightly cooked or raw, plenty of beneficial nutrients can be derived from vegetables; fruits, herbs and spices. There are huge benefits in raw diet too, one of the most notable health benefits is that it helps reduce the risk of life threatening conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

A great and effective way to detoxify is eating unprocessed and organic fresh produce. Most fruits and vegetables when eaten raw gives supreme source of anti oxidants that are much needed by our body to fight diseases, fatigue due to stress and pollution. These fresh treats from nature also contains plenty of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats which are essential nutrients needed by our bodies.

Don't forget the herbs and spices too! I'm a big fan of these crops; it adds color and pop of taste to any dish, and also gives superior nutrients that the body craves. 

I believe that it is of great importance that we know what benefits we can get from each ingredients that we put into our plate, and whether or not it complements with other ingredients in our recipe.

Planning helps save your time

Beginning and committing to maintain a healthy lifestyle doesn't need to be tedious. Sometimes, it’s simple as choosing a healthy homemade meal instead of fast food or processed food bought from the grocery store. Planning ahead will save you a lot of time when preparing your meals. It helps you to be more organized, efficient and not resort to eating the same recipes over and over again (I'm stressing redundancy - exaggerated). 

For me, instead of daily planning, the best strategy that works best is planning what to eat for the whole week. By doing this, it gives clarity to my intentions and what I would like to achieve. Say for example, I would like to detoxify for one whole week to help me flush out toxins. With this in mind, I should focus on preparing recipes with fruits and vegetables as the main ingredients. Planning ahead helps me eliminate the repetition of ingredients I use as well.


Know what works for you and critic what you eat

As I became intentional in observing my eating habits, I found out that I get hungry in about 2-3 hours interval during the day. I just can't help myself munching, and I usually find myself digging into very oily and obvious unhealthy foods. So I tried different kinds of food diet but it always end less than a week. And I finally had enough because I feel like I'm starving myself and it does not help me at all. 

I just couldn't think clearly when I'm hungry; I feel so weak and out of focus. I decided to ask a friend who is a dietitian of why I feel so hungry all the time. She said that I have a fast metabolism but over eating with unhealthy foods can be very bad to me even though it doesn't manifest in my weight, it usually repays me with skin breakouts, emotional distress and other sickness. 

It's okay to eat every other hour especially if you really have a fast metabolism so as long as you're eating the right food. Bring more fruits and vegetables to your table. And if you're overweight or obese and you really can't fight the urge to over eat -- then don't starve yourself because it may worsen your condition. Instead whenever you feel like craving eat more fruits or raw vegetables. If you're still having serious conditions then don't delay and visit a dietitian now!

Living a healthy lifestyle also means to critic what you eat, this time it's okay to be very picky. Developing the habit of eating more healthy foods may not be easy for most of us but eventually it'll help us to have less unhealthy cravings and break addictions to nicotine, caffeine and too much consumption of alcoholic beverages. 

Try different recipes everyday so that eating and preparing the foods that are good for you can become exciting and motivating. 

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