Bitten By A Travel Bug: What Wanderlust Really Mean, & the Difference Between Traveling & Touring


On my first official "mountaineering" climb, I realized that there's a bounty of pristine beauty and magnificence unknown to many. Sadly though, most people, especially us - Filipinos, doesn't have much enthusiasm exploring our own country. 

When planning a vacation; we seldom think about visiting a place we have never been to in the Philippines. I am by no means suggesting that traveling the world is a bad idea, but I couldn't think any worse than not knowing your own country. People around the world even call our archipelago a paradise; what a shame if we don't know why they say so.

Defining-Wanderlust-photo I've observed a lot of people (and friends) prioritize out-of-the-country trips, which led many to be paralyzed trying to save as much just so they can afford that kind of getaway they deemed ideal. Having this kind of mindset only leads to frustration.

This, I think is the main reason why a lot of people resign to think that traveling can be inexpensive, fun and enriching. Why? These people thought that in order to have the best vacation you need to be in a famous place, outside the country and with a luxurious accommodation.

Gaining new experiences like trekking and camping in explored and unexplored places; my entire perspective about traveling have changed. I find that to travel, means to really get to know the place. To realize how complex, magical and even hypnotic the uniqueness of each place - its cultures, the look, and feel of it. 

Organized tours by some travel agencies could mean an amazing race (unless you requested for a personalized itinerary which will cost, uh well, a lot!). Sure you will visit some tour spots, but expect everything to be done in a hurry. Please erase explore in your vocabulary in order not to be disappointed. For me, touring was like strolling hurriedly for a few hours, pose and shoot, read: I've been there, done that.

Lately, I realized that I prefer to travel than to tour a place. 

How about you? 

Of course we all have different views about this. I think I'm just trying to imply that it is such a wonderful experience discovering new places, meeting new people and learning new cultures that it's a pity when people will just tour around, pose for a selfie then leave. You may call me a hopeless romantic when it comes to traveling or may think that I'm probably obsessed with it. Well maybe a little bit, yes, I feel that it is the soul and art of wanderlust.


Light Out Wanderlust
Head Us Out To Sea
Captain Says There'll Be A Bust
This One's Not For Me

Take Us From The Dark
Out Where We Can See
Captain's Out To Make His Mark
This One's Not For Me

Light Out Wanderlust
Help Us To Be Free
Light Out Wanderlust
Do It Just For Me

Captain's Out To Make His Mark
This One's Not To Be

Light Out Wanderlust
Head Us Out To Sea
Captain says There'll Be A Bust
This One's Not For Me

Counter Melody

Oh Where Did I Go Wrong My Love?
What Petty Grime Was I Found Guilty Of?
What Better Time To Find A Brand New Day?
Oh Wanderlust Away

Dropping A Line
Maybe This Time
It's Wanderlust For Me

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