Chasing Passion



I grew up in a province abundant with nature delights like waterfalls, rivers, mountains, a long stretch of shoreline that's surrounded by small islands. But my favorite go-to place was the beach. My beach. My personal beach. 

I have asthma and I used to have coughs that lasts at least a month. During my childhood years, my mother would always ask my older cousins to take me to the beach during weekends, early in the morning. She said staying at the beach on early mornings will make my lungs healthier because of the fresh air. I believed her, whenever I'm in the beach I feel stronger and I breathe easier. 

Eventually, the beach became my comfort zone; I started to swim by myself, I spent hours chasing hermit crabs, built castle sands or just lay down and watch the sky. I often went there, even alone sometimes. I remember back then, not a weekend passed without visiting my favorite place in the world. 

Today, I've visited several beaches in different parts of the country; interesting, amazing, captivating - I'd say. I hope to continue doing so; I want to see as many beaches as possible. There's just something mysterious about the beach that draws people in, whether they grew up near the beach or not. Maybe it's not just the sands, maybe it's not just the waves, and maybe it's not just the breeze or the marine life beneath it. Maybe we are drawn to the beach because of its unapologetic emotions. When it's sad it look sad, when it's angry it is angry, when it's happy it is happy. I feel that the vastness, beauty and honest emotions of it set us free and comfort us. 

Conquering MOUNTAINS

I don't really believe one can really conquer a mountain, I doubt that. But what I do believe is one can conquer themselves by climbing a mountain. To be honest, I didn't give much respect to mountaineers when I was young. I thought it was easy and what can they find in the mountain except trees and grass? Well, turns out I was wrong. Very wrong.

When I've become a regular climber, in each climb I learned a new lesson, learned a new thing, and descended with satisfaction and joy. See you should never, and I mean NEVER, underestimate a mountain. Whether it is a thousand feet high or just a hundred, each mountain has a unique characteristic and always has a way of dealing with you. Climbing mountaintops allows you to have a complete paradigm shift, there's always a lot of possibilities. The view is always beautiful at the top, but it is nothing compared to the journey itself. And it ain't easy as it looks like. You need to have the discipline to be physically, emotional and mentally fit to endure. Endurance is very important, it can even be the crucial rope that pulls you to continue reaching for the summit.

What I like about mountaineering is that it allows you to return to the simplicity of life. It is the closest means to communion with nature. Discover a world outside your reality, and surely you'll come back as often as possible. Matter-of-fact it is addicting! When you discover many things, you develop the thirst to see more, to know more, to climb more mountains. Once a mountaineer always mountaineer.

"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." - Edmund Hillary

I am not very rich by the world standard, but I have a dream that I know will carry me through. I want the constant thrill of being with nature; seeing as many beaches and mountains and a lot more of what nature can offer. I want to continue discovering the infinite majesty, beauty of God's wonderful creations. I hope you'll join me too!

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