Why You Should Start Being Fit and Do This with Zest

I eat a lot, seriously; and I'm just thankful that I have a fast metabolism and have not come to the point of being overweight or obese. However, over eating takes a toll on me especially when I started working at home and do very little amount of physical activities. Sure I travel at least once a month, I swim in the beach whenever possible and hike or trek a mountain - but it just gives me 2-3 days of physical activity and then the rest of the month I'll be a couch potato. 

The amount of energy I get from the foods I eat daily is not proportion to my physical activities. Eventually the manifestation became noticeable; I had several awful breakouts, my skin got very oily, I had dandruff, I get easily tired, irrational, irritated, aggravated, sickly and emotionally drained. I then began taking various medications to counteract the problems I'm having, but it did very little to help heal or at least conceal my worsening condition. 

I was alarmed and started to think what must be causing these. Finally, I found out that my sedentary lifestyle and eating habits were the roots of the problem. Hence, it dawned to me that being physically inactive - I have developed the habit of getting fast foods whenever I'm hungry. The more I keep on sitting all day the more I feel tired all the time that I don't even have the strength to cook or prepare nutritious food, thus, I usually grab those easy to prepare, unhealthy foods.

Inactivity can cause our "happy" hormones (endorphin levels) to drop; eventually causing us to feel easily stressed out, fatigue, depressed, and emotionally down. When we're feeling this way, it triggers our body to crave a lot of unhealthy foods. 

Knowing this, I resolved to be physically active and live a healthy lifestyle. In fact, I began to develop the habit to be intentional in preparing and choosing the foods I eat. My daily routine now includes; drinking two glasses of (alkaline) water when I wake up to flash down toxins, take a 20-30 minutes walk to the market (this way I'm hitting two birds at one stone - brisk walking and buying fresh produce), and then prepare my healthy meals throughout the day. 

My metabolism is fast and I still get hungry almost all the time, so I still eat a lot but this time I'm eating the right stuff. I realized that those who want to lose weight but can't help munching should not starve themselves. It's just a matter of being intentional in choosing what we eat and how we eat. When I changed my eating habits, the manifestation became evident as days goes by. My skin is glowing, I feel much energized and I no longer feel emotionally drained, in fact I feel motivated and more positive with life.

Being Fit with Zest

Today, many people wants to pursue living a healthy or shall I say a "happy" lifestyle without them knowing they aren't even "enjoying" what they're doing. And by saying enjoying; I mean cherishing, loving, being enthusiastic. We're just so busy with so many things that we forgot the smell of flowers around us, the glory of the sky above, or just simply watch a child giggle without the burden of worries and concern of this life. If we don't have joy in everything we do, we're just wasting our time. The Bible even says, "I know there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live. That everyone may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all his toil - this is the gift of God (Eccles. 3:12-13)." 

They say that being fit doesn't only include a healthy body but also a healthy mind, I agree with this statement. The best way to control our thoughts is to control what we put into our minds. When we feed our thoughts the positive food it needs, we will be able to better define our real desires, clarify what course of action we need to take, and motivate ourselves to push past obstacles and stick our efforts until our goal becomes a reality. 

To effectively simplify our lives, we must first change our thinking by putting the right things into our minds. We think we act because of the way we feel, but often we feel because of the way we act. It can be hard to muster up the physical and mental energy needed to do the things that will make us happy if we are feeling blue. Having low energy is one of the major factors of our unhappiness today; and scientists have proven that energy is important to happiness. 

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