Banapple with Chocolate Soy Smoothie

When I went to the market today to buy some fruits, I was hesitant to buy a banana for a smoothie or an apple. See my biggest dilemma in making smoothies isn't really finding noble ingredients to put in the blender;  rather it's mixing that will match my taste. 

I always want to try a variety, budget friendly and easy-to-do recipes. So, I argue with myself again, what kind of milk? Full-cream? Yogurt? Almond? Skimmed? Or just plain low-fat milk? "Why not try soy, yes! The chocolate one." It's a gut-feel and so I went to the nearby grocery store and bought myself Vitasoy, which for me taste better than the other brands. However, back at home - I realized this combination might taste weird! 

Banana and apple combined is divine, when these two are mixed together it reminds me of the delicious banapple desserts. On the other hand, chocolate flavored soy milk combined with apple? I don't know, but for me when apple is mixed with the wrong ingredient it taste awful. I've never tried mixing chocolate soy milk with apple, so I was very curios how it will taste. Banana however is a complimenting ingredient, when you mixed it with other fruits it becomes creamier.  

Anyway, I still gave it a try. After blending all ingredients together, I'm glad I was not disappointed! It tastes unique in a good way, refreshing I would say. My suggestion to you if you want it to be creamier I recommend using Fugi apple instead of cherry apple, and make sure to pick ripe and sweet bananas. Add also honey or powdered cinnamon to make it tastier.

1 medium size frozen apple
3 frozen bananas
1 cup chocolate flavored soy milk
2 tsp vanilla extract
honey to taste (optional)
cinnamon to taste (optional)

1) In a food processor, combine all ingredients and blend until smooth. This makes 2-3 servings.
So there you go, try this healthy, delicious drink!

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