Why This Generation is So Stressed and Depressed More Than Ever

If we come to think of it, this is probably the busiest generation throughout the human history. I remember a long time ago, during my childhood years, when people eat in the table with their family and just eat and talk; watch television and just watch, play and just play. However today; we eat, talk, browse our iPad's or smart-phones, listen to the music and watch television all at the same time. 

We've become so distracted and engrossed with so many things all the time. Our rest day isn't really what it's supposed to be; we jump from one party to another, play a lot of online games or browse Facebook all day. A lot of what we thought are the "good stuff" were actually the cause of our unrest. 

Our too much preoccupation leaves us feeling stressed, depressed and weak - and what's worst is that it steals our happiness too! Steven Covey wrote that activity does not equal productivity; just because you are busy doesn't mean you are productive. Too much multi-tasking is a counterfeit, a thief that tricks us into thinking that quantity is better than quality. 

This kind of lifestyle is not only bad for you but also diminish our relationship we, as human beings, so desperately need. We often talk with our family and friends without being really present; physically we are with them yet our mind are elsewhere, we keep on browsing our gadgets, watching too much television and doing other stuff instead of just being present and have a meaningful conversation. How often do we attend a reunion with friends and end up constantly checking our social media accounts, or have dinner with our family while texting or talking on the phone with someone else?

Most of the time, we are so busy trying to live the "ideal" life, that we forgot to realize we're so focused on the future that we fail to truly live in the present. It can be that we want to impress other people; we strive so hard to be so rich out of envy. Many of us have the mindset of "If only...then I'll be happy"; we live like zombies, walking in life but not really living. 

When we attain success in one area of our life, we usually neglect the other areas. That's why there are many broken relationships, a rise of anti-depressant consumption, and harmful addictions. We invite so much noise and distraction in our lives, the affairs of other people, and maintaining the status quo, we labor so much only to find out that we're not happy at all.

Can it be that we've lost balance? Or that we don't even take the time to reflect to know our purpose, and what will really make us happy? Ask yourself now, before you fall to the pit of depression.


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