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The Scenic Views of Tagaytay

Whenever I travel to some place in Southern Luzon, it's rare that I don't feel a rush of excitement as I pass by the city of Tagaytay. Since it's the usual (and used to be the only route to take) to go to some part of CALABARZON; this busy road of Nasugbu Highway also serves as a moving viewing deck for passengers aboard a private or public vehicle. 

At high noon or dusk; expect a heavy to moderate amount of traffic on the road any day of week, however once you passed by Tagaytay's Crossing it'll eventually become light and you'll then be greeted with moving exhibition of nature's wonders. Though it is becoming densely populated and commercialized, taking a few minutes or more is enough for any traveler (at heart) to marvel about this place.

The caldera lake of Taal volcano, cool climate, appetizing foods, interesting landscapes that covets captivating flowers and variety of vegetable plantations, and a whole lot more reasons why Tagaytay is the perfect ge…