The Dancing Sea Fairies


When my sister told me that we will be visiting the “Dancing Sea Fairies,” one of the famous attractions in the Manila Ocean Park; I can't help my curiosity.

My mind raced figuring out what it was exactly, while considering the probability that it must be a hoax! Nah, sea fairies don't exist unless it were some fictitious characters.


Definitely I was skeptical, though the inner child in me was so silly trying to sketch my best guess of what it may look like. Minutes passed, and yes, I gave in and asked for an answer. My sister, seemingly unaware of my musings, flatly said – Jellyfishes. 


It's amusing though, as it probably was the best way to describe these sea creatures.

Why not! Jellyfishes indeed looks like fairies, its tentacles that swim so gracefully, so weightless, and so effortless. Seems like its dancing around and it's just captivating to watch.


These sea fairies would appear like its casting a spell on you, while at the same time it's absolutely stunning to stare at. It's fairy-like movement appears fictional and magical. Its undoubtedly pretty, but just like fairies, it can hurt you too. Jellyfishes can be dangerous if not deadly once it strikes.

The Manila Ocean Park holds a live museum of jellyfishes with over a thousand plus in number. They showcase almost all known type of this genus, though with the exception of the deadly and terrifying beauty of the box-jellyfish.

It wasn't a usual aquarium display, and when you’re inside the museum, step by step you’re being taken to a different world - the world of sea fairies; dancing beautifully for you.

However, on a final note, I'm not really into the idea of capturing these creatures for educational and amusement display. Never have I really bought tickets to places like these because I am not a supporter. I'm only able to visit when someone treats me or gives me free tickets.

I do believe that they belong to the natural world, their natural habitat, their home.

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