Phenomenal "Free Fall" Base Jump Filmed On Breath-Hold In The Deepest Blue Hole In The World!

This was filmed 3 years ago and I was only able to watch this video yesterday through Facebook. I really wanted to post this here because it’s just insanely phenomenal! To be very honest, I think I played it more than 20 times yesterday and would still want to watch it over and over.


It's not just the “free fall” dive that amazes me, but also of the way it was filmed. The angle shots, the way they emphasized the movements - it's so detailed and well-coordinated! The music too was absolutely in perfect harmony with this thrilling base jump.


My favorite part was when Guillaume Nery (the base diver in this video, also a French champion free-diver) postured to start the “free fall” jump and then the lyrics of the song goes ‘you make me feel, you make me feel, you make me feel –stronger!’; with such impeccable timing he did the jump so gracefully and captivating. 


He went down with all abandon, so serene, so weightless and peaceful. It’s almost magical as if he’s diving to find a new world with gates open at the bottom of the sea. It was a beautiful sight to see, and at the same time there’s also a hint of fear of the unknown, of what was down creeping in the darkest and deepest blue hole in the world. Nevertheless, it's spectacular to see how he seem to be one with water, as if he was part of it or that it was an extension of his being.


I was so enthusiastic sharing this video because it somehow awakened my hidden desires to do adventures like this; to lose control, to conquer fear, to let go and just let it be, to cherish each moment, to experience and taste life to the fullest! It made me feel so alive, so encouraged to go out and see the world.  I have two words for this video – PURE AWESOMENESS. By the way, this was filmed in Dean's Blue Hole on Long Island, Bahamas. Hope it inspire you to go out and make new adventures!

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