Have You Asked Yourself, “If Only I Was Disciplined Enough, I Could Have…?”


If there is one word that can differentiate success to failure, that would be discipline. It’s a chasm that separates the achiever and non-achiever. We've read it many times in various books about career, business, motivational and self-help books. It’s a big word, often used, very significant, yet just like honesty it can sometimes be considered a lonely word.

Most of us struggles implementing a certain kind of discipline in our lives, like money and time. Admittedly, I myself have trouble even simply waking up in the morning; least of all to be up earlier than I ought to be on weekends. Many of us had times that we feel so enthusiastic executing our plans, but then, within just a couple of days or weeks, we lose our fire, we wanted to quit or feel that it’s just so hard to keep doing what we're doing. 


We know deep inside that we can make dreams a reality, if only we’re disciplined with our everyday choices. This is very true in my life, there were many times I could have reached greater heights of success but then I've let the opportunities passed me by simply because I just don't have the courage to let go of my comfort zone, face the obligation and restriction success may bring. But those were times of learning; now, I know that without discipline there wouldn't be a significant progress in my life.


It’s just a matter of our willingness to endure for the better. Discipline has never been easy, it's meant to be hard because it is a tool that will polish us. It's meant to shape us, refine and make us look better. It'll help us to become effective and efficient. It builds our character and helps us develop good habits that are essential to our success, happiness, and fulfillment. 

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