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Ditch All Excuses, Self-Discipline Is Needed to Hit Your Goals

If there is one word that may differentiate success from failure, that would be discipline. It’s a chasm that separates the achiever and non-achiever.

We've read about it many times in various articles and books about career, business and personal development; that it's almost a cliché. It’s a big word, and just like honesty it can sometimes be considered a lonely word.

Most of us struggles on implementing a certain kind of discipline in our lives, like money and time. Admittedly, many of us had times that we feel so enthusiastic executing our plans only to lose our fire in just a couple of days or weeks. We then go back to our old ways or resort to give up.

Notwithstanding the fact that we know deep inside that we can make our dreams a reality. We aspire and hope that we can be more disciplined with our everyday choices. 

Yet if we really want to achieve something, then the only way to make it, is to do something about it! Waiting for the perfect time is just pure laziness.

There's no perfect time. The time to act is now. We have to act on our values, act on our priorities. That's the only way to do it.

If we keep on waiting for that perfect moment, then time and opportunities will pass us by. What if the 'right time' never arrives, and we only have one chance to take?

So do something, prepare yourself. Do it every single day, no matter how hard it gets. Discipline yourself in such a way that hard becomes easy.

It’s just a matter of our willingness to endure for the better. Discipline has never been easy. And it's meant to be hard because it is a tool that will polish us. 

Discipline is meant to shape us, refine us and make us look better. It'll help us become effective and efficient. It builds our character and help us develop good habits that are essential to our success, happiness, and fulfillment. 

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