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The Dancing Sea Fairies

When my sister told me that we will be visiting the “Dancing Sea Fairies,” another famous attraction in the Manila Ocean Park; I can't hep but be curious. My mind raced figuring out what are those, and of course considered the probability that it must be a hoax! I mean the possibility that sea fairies exist, ha!

Definitely I was skeptical, though the inner child of me was a bit silly trying to sketch in mind my best guess of what it may look like. A couple of minutes passed, and yes, I just couldn't resist asking for an answer. My sister though, unaware of my musings, flatly said – Jellyfish. 

Ah, well, it’s probably the best way to describe these sea creatures. Why not! Jellyfishes indeed looks like fairies, it’s tentacles that swim so gracefully looking as if it’s floating in the air and not under water - so weightless, effortless. Its perfect camouflage, dancing around and so captivating to watch. As if it’s casting a spell on you, absolutely stunning to stare at and yet ca…

Have You Asked Yourself, “If Only I Was Disciplined Enough, I Could Have…?”

If there is one word that can differentiate success to failure, that would be discipline. It’s a chasm that separates the achiever and non-achiever. We've read it many times in various books about career, business, motivational and self-help books. It’s a big word, often used, very significant, yet just like honesty it can sometimes be considered a lonely word.

Most of us struggles implementing a certain kind of discipline in our lives, like money and time. Admittedly, I myself have trouble even simply waking up in the morning; least of all to be up earlier than I ought to be on weekends. Many of us had times that we feel so enthusiastic executing our plans, but then, within just a couple of days or weeks, we lose our fire, we wanted to quit or feel that it’s just so hard to keep doing what we're doing. 

We know deep inside that we can make dreams a reality, if only we’re disciplined with our everyday choices. This is very true in my life, there were many times I could have re…

Phenomenal "Free Fall" Base Jump Filmed On Breath-Hold In The Deepest Blue Hole In The World!

This was filmed 3 years ago and I was only able to watch this video yesterday through Facebook. I really wanted to post this here because it’s just insanely phenomenal! To be very honest, I think I played it more than 20 times yesterday and would still want to watch it over and over.

It's not just the “free fall” dive that amazes me, but also of the way it was filmed. The angle shots, the way they emphasized the movements - it's so detailed and well-coordinated! The music too was absolutely in perfect harmony with this thrilling base jump.

My favorite part was when Guillaume Nery (the base diver in this video, also a French champion free-diver) postured to start the “free fall” jump and then the lyrics of the song goes ‘you make me feel, you make me feel, you make me feel –stronger!’; with such impeccable timing he did the jump so gracefully and captivating. 

He went down with all abandon, so serene, so weightless and peaceful. It’s almost magical as if he’s diving to find a …