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Tell Me Why: Whatever Profession You Are In, Don't Forget the Basics!

Have you ever experienced being asked by a child about something you know that you knew, but you just can't seem to give a concrete answer or explanation?

It's not just at the tip of your tongue, but it's as if these simple questions just went into a black-hole of forgotten memories.

It probably is the reason that the show "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" became so popular; the kids seem to give a factual explanation of almost all the simple things we tend to forget and they even memorize the basic truths by heart.

I feel that if we are to be really excellent in our chosen fields, it helps to master the basics. Well, it's our skeleton; the foundation that will help us stand firm and still, amid the chaos and complexity thrown to us every day.

The Book "Tell Me Why? Answers to Hundreds of Questions" (shown above), gave me a lesson 101 on almost all vital subjects. It came to my possession a couple of weeks ago as I was searching my brother's books…