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It Can Elevate You To Success Or Draw You Deep To Failure!

Have you set great goals that you feel were well-organized, ideal and realistic; but you usually stagger to bring it to completion? And then you wonder what went wrong when you eagerly wrote your plans, was enthusiastic about it and really believed that you can achieve it. 

The sad part is, many of us comes short when achieving our goals, we start with so much fire only to end up feeling exhausted or frustrated within a couple of days, weeks or a few months. We've become easily distracted and change plans too quickly without really thinking. We lose focus. Then we ultimately give up and quit.

And so we ask ourselves, what happened? What seems to be the problem? Why do we give up and accept failure too soon?

Now, to help us know ourselves better there's three reasons we should try to consider: our perspective in life, our habits, and our priorities.

In this post I'll be focusing more about the first reason - our perspective in life. 

We need to know how we view the world; how …

Write Your Thoughts, Stay On Track and In-charge with Your Life

I've been writing in my journal since grade school and never stop doing so. If time permits, I would usually write long and detailed notes about my dreams and how I plan to achieve it. I'll jot down the things I wanted to do, places I wanted to see, skills I wanted to master, and ways to be able to live a good life and legacy. I try to find the right ideas on being all that I can be and to live life as God designed it to be - to enjoy the life He gave me.

But I am not perfect, I tend to get stuck in the state of what they call "analysis - paralysis". Over-analyzing things can sometimes really slow me down on some days. And to some of you, I know you have fallen to this rut. We gravitate to making good plans but with minimal action or none at all. We're very good planners yet bad doers. Admit it or not, we do this in almost every area of our life. For example; we wanted to be an exceptional worker and we know how, but we don't do it. We try to make plans to bui…

Adults Who Have the Habit of Underestimating Kids Must Watch this Video!

Sometimes it's just cute to watch kids acting like adults. However, when it comes to the idea of being open-minded about what we can learn from them - it often hits the wall. I was blown-away by Adora Svitak's lecture not just because of the way she presented the matter; the way she seemed to look very intellectual (which in fact, she really is) and how she talked in a charismatic way; but it's more of the profound wisdom this girl has begotten. 

I am not suggesting per se and neither this video intends that everyone should raised or guide children in a specific, monotomous manner to create such behaved, focus, and intellectual kids like Adora. But rather suggests that we, adults, should act in a way that are not too restricting, but instead trusting and supporting the younger generation. 

It was entertaining and engaging to watch this video; perhaps it's even timely that this generation be reminded of this simple yet striking statements about how often adults become sel…

WATCH Video 100214: Tired of Roller Coaster? Try Riding SLINGSHOT!

Slingshot is another extreme ride which some say a bit scarier than bungee jumping. The main difference though is that you're strapped into a booster seat before they launched you into the air. While in bungee jumping you don't need to sit and all you have to do is jump. There's a circulating debate online whether falling from a higher elevation is scarier than being launch up high.

My idea is that it would depend really of what type of adventurer you are. As for me, I feel more secure holding on to some tangible thing within reach than barely falling with just some elastic rope tied around me. Given the fact that I got dizzy just watching this video made me conclude that there's a 5% possibility I would ever go on a slingshot ride. Nevertheless, bungee jumping has been on my bucket list since I was in high school - so for the sake of making dreams come true, I would still do it.

Anyway, I'm not sure if any amusement parks and activity centers here in the Philippines…

Surprising Frontera Verde

When I started working in the corporate world after graduating from College, stress was my constant companion. Whenever I feel tired, frustrated or aggravated, I always daydream about going far and away from the city and just have a good vacation somewhere else. But unfortunately, that's a privilege I can't always afford. 

Tied up with the company's policies and a few vacation leaves, I have no option but to stay buckled in my chair and work desk. Thus, my alternative when I'm having a stressful day was to take at least 15 minutes' walk outside the office. Lucky me, my workplace then was located in somewhat be considered as one of the metro's kinda sophisticated spot - Frontera Verde.

Unlike other business districts in Metro Manila which were densely populated and located in very busy streets and avenues; Frontera Verde is a compound about more or less 20 hectares - not heavily polluted nor crowded. 

In this part of the metro, you can still breathe fresh air and s…

3 Reasons Why People Go Crazy Over Jennifer Lawrence!

People are obsessed with J.Law, or maybe I just think so. Okay, this is the point when I have to be honest with you my readers - I'm obsessed with this Hunger Games star. She has succeeded replacing my adored Lara Croft goddess Angelina Jolie in my mind. My sister tag me as someone with excessive, single-minded zeal over Jennifer Lawrence. From her movies, to her photos, interviews and all - she has undoubtedly became the alternative to shopping (I kid you, alright, you may think this is over rated - so I have to stop). 

Anyway, I think there are 3 TOP reasons why she's now the famous daughter of Aphrodite.

#1 She's devastatingly B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L
I mean look at those killer eyes, from soft to intense stare that could reach to your soul. Then down to her perfect nose and kissable lips, if the goddess of beauty face doesn't come close to her then she's drop-dead gorgeous - a definite overkill! Not to mention her red-hot, sexy body - what more can you ask for a star? T…

Beautiful Things

I personally would like to share this video not just for the fact that it's the first video I've created using Movie Maker but because of two main reasons - the background music and the video captions.
The song title is "Beautiful Things" by Gungor, I first heard it during the first True Life retreat organized by CCF Makati. I fell in-love first with the rhythm; then the lyrics, and lastly the simply of the whole song itself. Check the lyrics below:
All this pain
I wonder if I’ll ever find my way
I wonder if my life could really change at all
All this earth
Could all that is lost ever be found
Could a garden come up from this ground at all

You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of the dust
You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of us

All around
Hope is springing up from this old ground
Out of chaos life is being found in You

You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of the dust
You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of u…

From Corporate Work to Nomadic Freelancing and Blogging

When I decided to quit my work in a financial company, I was determined and have resolved to myself to take another path. I wanted to pursue my dreams, to write, explore, and experience life. I don't want to regret later in life about the things I wish I did, or the dreams I could have turned into reality. I knew my decision to quit my then job was risky not just as others see it - but I myself, knew that it wouldn't be an easy path. Leaving behind the convenience, security of a stable job and income was scary; though I have to do it - I needed to make that decision.

I am not inferior to anyone when it comes to working in the corporate world. I can be good, very good in almost anything I do. I am not boasting but for the sake of honesty I am writing this (and of course I wasn't able to be excellent without the help of God - guiding me and giving me wisdom) with clear conscience I dare to write this. Anyone can be good at something, work hard with pure dedication and achieve…

Banapple with Chocolate Soy Smoothie

When I went to the market today to buy some fruits, I was hesitant to buy a banana for a smoothie or an apple. See my biggest dilemma in making smoothies isn't really finding noble ingredients to put in the blender;  rather it's mixing that will match my taste. 

I always want to try a variety, budget friendly and easy-to-do recipes. So, I argue with myself again, what kind of milk? Full-cream? Yogurt? Almond? Skimmed? Or just plain low-fat milk? "Why not try soy, yes! The chocolate one." It's a gut-feel and so I went to the nearby grocery store and bought myself Vitasoy, which for me taste better than the other brands. However, back at home - I realized this combination might taste weird! 

Banana and apple combined is divine, when these two are mixed together it reminds me of the delicious banapple desserts. On the other hand, chocolate flavored soy milk combined with apple? I don't know, but for me when apple is mixed with the wrong ingredient it taste awful. …

5 Reasons Why Solo Traveling is Good For You

Most people think it's strange to travel alone to an unfamiliar place, some will laugh at the idea and will say it's only for people who do not have family and friends. Others will completely shun the thought because they see it as no fun, dangerous, or expensive.

People think you're a weirdo and I know full well the feeling when friends, families, and colleagues look at you intently and say "are you serious?".

But for me, solo traveling is reserve to those courageous souls who not only wish to experience the beauty of nature but also wants to better understand themselves through their journey. I believe spending time alone in an unfamiliar place is essential for the mind, body and soul. 

I enjoy traveling alone as well as having companions; both allows me access to different experiences and life lessons. 

However, I believe at some point in our lives we should try to travel solo. I've listed five reasons below why everyone should try doing it.

It tests our courag…

Chasing Passion

I grew up in a province abundant with nature delights like waterfalls, rivers, mountains, a long stretch of shoreline that's surrounded by small islands. But my favorite go-to place was the beach. My beach. My personal beach. 

I have asthma and I used to have coughs that lasts at least a month. During my childhood years, my mother would always ask my older cousins to take me to the beach during weekends, early in the morning. She said staying at the beach on early mornings will make my lungs healthier because of the fresh air. I believed her, whenever I'm in the beach I feel stronger and I breathe easier. 

Eventually, the beach became my comfort zone; I started to swim by myself, I spent hours chasing hermit crabs, built castle sands or just lay down and watch the sky. I often went there, even alone sometimes. I remember back then, not a weekend passed without visiting my favorite place in the world. 

Today, I've visited several beaches in different parts of …

Bitten By A Travel Bug: What Wanderlust Really Mean, & the Difference Between Traveling & Touring

On my first official "mountaineering" climb, I realized that there's a bounty of pristine beauty and magnificence unknown to many. Sadly though, most people, especially us - Filipinos, doesn't have much enthusiasm exploring our own country. 

When planning a vacation; we seldom think about visiting a place we have never been to in the Philippines. I am by no means suggesting that traveling the world is a bad idea, but I couldn't think any worse than not knowing your own country. People around the world even call our archipelago a paradise; what a shame if we don't know why they say so.

I've observed a lot of people (and friends) prioritize out-of-the-country trips, which led many to be paralyzed trying to save as much just so they can afford that kind of getaway they deemed ideal. Having this kind of mindset only leads to frustration.

This, I think is the main reason why a lot of people resign to think that traveling can be inexpensive, fun and enriching. …

The Scenic Views of Tagaytay

Whenever I travel to some place in Southern Luzon, it's rare that I don't feel a rush of excitement as I pass by the city of Tagaytay. Since it's the usual (and used to be the only route to take) to go to some part of CALABARZON; this busy road of Nasugbu Highway also serves as a moving viewing deck for passengers aboard a private or public vehicle. 

At high noon or dusk; expect a heavy to moderate amount of traffic on the road any day of week, however once you passed by Tagaytay's Crossing it'll eventually become light and you'll then be greeted with moving exhibition of nature's wonders. Though it is becoming densely populated and commercialized, taking a few minutes or more is enough for any traveler (at heart) to marvel about this place.

The caldera lake of Taal volcano, cool climate, appetizing foods, interesting landscapes that covets captivating flowers and variety of vegetable plantations, and a whole lot more reasons why Tagaytay is the perfect ge…