The 7 Deadly Sins and Myths of Branding

My active pursuit in honing my skills recently made me stumble upon a marketing and branding solutions book by Matt Haig. And I realized that this is something worth sharing here on the blog because it may prove helpful to anyone who wants to strengthen their skill or broaden their knowledge in marketing and advertising.

I must say this was a refreshing book to read, it's never dull and full of practical insights. Also, what I like most about this book was the honest scrutiny of the failures of famous brand names. It dive deeper into the why's, how's, and what made it a success or a failure. Thus, it's a good reference book on succeeding in the marketing and advertising world and it's indeed viable to read and heed.

There are so many takeaways from this book that I'd like to write all about it here, but I feel that I'd be robbing you of the thrill in indulging this insightful book once you decided to read it. I'd like to present the gist of the book inste…

How to Smoothly Transition From Your Corporate Job to Full-time Freelancing

It isn't just a trend, freelancing is actually here to stay. As technology keeps on progressing, business processes become sophisticated, and work advances in a more efficient manner.

The idea more or less started with the SME community and start-ups looking for a way to lessen costs without sacrificing productivity and quality. Presently, a multitude of big corporations have outsourced jobs to remote freelancers and there has been a steady increase in numbers.

Respectable magazines and blogs like TIME, Forbes, and Huffington Post already published several articles about the rise of the freelancing industry. Business analysts predicted that freelancing will replace the traditional employment setup.

The prevalence in the U.S. alone, as they house a million-plus successful freelancers, makes it encouraging for others to model. Countries around the globe, including the Philippines, now have a pool of thousand-plus registered online freelancers. The Philippines is also rising as a to…

7 Reasons Why Hiring A Social Media Manager Is the Best Thing To Do Now!

Whether your selling products, offering your services, or would like to make yourself known about who you are and what you do as a professional, building your social media presence is a must!

Obviously, social media is competing with the television, if not, it already outshine it in terms of relevancy, time consumption, and attention. People spend more time now browsing their social media feeds than watching television or listening to the radio. It's undeniable how powerful social media have become.

But what exactly is it and what is social media marketing? Why do you need it and why do you need to pay attention managing your social media sites?

Here are the briefest answers to these questions: social media allows the creation of interactive moments with your customers or prospect clients. Social media marketing helps you drive traffic to your site (if you have one) and convert leads to qualified sales or the equivalent. It can single-handedly replace expensive and old marketing …

Ditch All Excuses, Self-Discipline Is Needed to Hit Your Goals

If there is one word that may differentiate success from failure, that would be discipline. It’s a chasm that separates the achiever and non-achiever.

We've read about it many times in various articles and books about career, business and personal development; that it's almost a cliché. It’s a big word, and just like honesty it can sometimes be considered a lonely word.

Most of us struggles on implementing a certain kind of discipline in our lives, like money and time. Admittedly, many of us had times that we feel so enthusiastic executing our plans only to lose our fire in just a couple of days or weeks. We then go back to our old ways or resort to give up. 

Notwithstanding the fact that we know deep inside that we can make our dreams a reality. We aspire and hope that we can be more disciplined with our everyday choices. 

Yet if we really want to achieve something, then the only way to make it, is to do something about it! Waiting for the perfect time is just pure laziness.


Sierra Madre: Mt. Pinagbanderahan and An Epic Trek to Bantakay Falls

When I was planning this day trip, the highlight was supposed to be Mt. Pinagbanderahan. Spelunking and trekking to Bantakay Falls should be the side-trips. But an adventure is never complete without a drama. Consequently, it didn't go as planned. Not to mention, my companions definitely did not imagine how it's going to be, either.

Unlike the famous Province of Rizal, Quezon's mountains aren't frequented by travelers coming from the Metro. And it is even though the province clock in some of the most preserved natural spectacles in Luzon.

Ergo, I hope this post will somehow deviate the load of hikers visiting the popular mountains near Metro Manila; mainly because of the alarming deterioration of these landscapes. Some people throw trash everywhere, the floras and faunas are dying, the trails are eroding, and the campsites and summits are commercialized!

I encourage you to please keep in mind the "Leave No Trace Seven Principles" to guide you. And I wish I c…

Want to Succeed? Here's A Very Straightforward Advice

It seems like the secret to success isn't a secret at all.

It's simple: Decide. Commit. Succeed.

You just have to decide. To make up your mind that this I will do. To make a decision that you are going to be successful no matter what. To have one thing in mind, which is to succeed.

And then, once you made the decision, you commit to it. Committing to the decision that no matter how hard it gets, how painful, mundane, boring, or taxing it is, you will do it.

That's it. Very simple.

Imagine what you will achieve once you decide to become successful at something and really commit to it no matter what. Whether you fail or feel discouraged at times, can you imagine if you stick to it? Then, you'd become so persistent that it becomes impossible not to succeed.

Imagine that.

Like really, if you just decide and commit to it with all of you, there's just really nothing you cannot do.

So decide. Now.

And commit to it.

Success is on the way!

Date A Guy Who Buys You Ice Cream

I know, I know... The 'Date' or 'Don't Date A Guy Who' blog title is such a cliché. However, I haven't had my version, so let me be. Note that I wrote 'buys you ice cream' and not 'likes ice cream' because almost everyone likes to have some serving.

Me and my amazing beau are celebrating another milestone in our relationship and just like a much anticipated movie, this one's worth the wait. Anniversaries are always a good time to honor one's beloved - so here's some excerpt of love.

Date a guy who buys you ice cream. They're the one who knows how to cherish every flavor of life and appreciate each and every moment. They are always up for the surprise. They don't worry whether the new flavor is good or if it's worth the buck, all they wanted was to savor the experience. They buy you ice cream so you too can do the same.

Date a guy who buys you ice cream when your day didn't go as planned, and you get frustrated or ups…